Wellness Massages at Home

A passion for well-being through touch

Enriched by several years of experience in the world of well-being in top-of-the-range spas and numerous training courses, I offer you a journey through different deeply relaxing massages..
Each massage is unique because its intensity is adapted to your needs, because your satisfaction is my priority..

Massage oils

To make your body as comfortable as possible, the oils and cosmetics used in our treatments and massages are carefully chosen for their natural, authentic and organic ingredients.

For your well-being, the oils are heated and scented.

Why not treat yourself to a personalised moment of well-being?

Try it for a suspended experience that suits you!
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Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology

This method works on the areas under the feet that are connected to the organs via the nervous system. Stimulating these areas helps the body to regulate itself naturally. This maintains the body's balance (homeostasis) and acts as a preventive measure.

Reflex zones

Rebalances the body physically, mentally and emotionally and promotes general well-being.

"Don't wait for the perfect moment, seize the moment and make it perfect..."

Popular Massages

Signature Californian

A full-body massage that combines gentleness and fluidity, very enveloping, it relaxes you from the scalp to the tip of your toes. It's an intensely relaxing, soothing massage that gives you a deep sense of physical, nervous, emotional and psychological well-being.

The Indian Ayurvedic Abyanga

This relaxing full-body massage tones and relaxes your muscular tissues, rebalancing and energising your body.

Balinese Cocooning

A full-body massage combining different techniques, it is at the same time relaxing, invigorating, gentle and powerful. It deeply relaxes the muscles and aims to eliminate toxins from the body. It harmoniously combines relaxation and toning.

Balinese Tonic

This is a deep, dynamic full-body massage designed to dissolve tension and firm muscles. Its invigorating and relaxing effect encourages blood and lymph circulation and eliminates toxins so that the body regains its natural balance.

Personalised massage

Choose only the time you want:
30 min / €30
60 min / €60
75 min / €75
90 min / €80
120 min / €100
At the time of the appointment, we will work together to determine your needs based on your physical and emotional state.
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